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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Linear Technology - Linear Home Page

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LTC6247 LTC6247 - 180MHz, 1mA Power Efficient Dual Rail-to-Rail I/O Op Amps
LTM8027 LTM8027 - 60V, 4A DC/DC μModule Regulator
LT2940 LT2940 - 4V to 80V, 4 Quadrant Power and Current Monitor
LT3575 LT3575 - Isolated Flyback Converter without an Opto-Coupler
LT3748 LT3748 - 100V Isolated Flyback Controller
LTM2881 LTM2881 - Complete Isolated RS485/RS422 μModule Transceiver + 1W Power, in BGA, SnPb or Lead-Free!
LTM4618 LTM4618 - 6A DC/DC μModule Regulator with Tracking and Frequency Synchronization
LTC6655 LTC6655 - 0.25ppm Noise, Low Drift Precision Buffered Reference Family

New         Technical Documents

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Complete product specifications and more

LTspice Circuit Collection

Ready to run LTspice IV simulations

Design Notes

Specific design ideas and circuit tips

Application Notes

In depth look at theory, design, and applications

LT Magazine

A quarterly magazine of in depth product discussions

Solutions Brochures

Comprehensive solutions guides for specific end markets

Product Press Releases

New product annoucements

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