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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Stephan van der Palen's This is IT! FREE programs i made for myself that can be yours!

FREE programs i made for myself that can be yours!

FreeDist 3.9 20577 + downloads

The Freeware equivalent of Adobe distiller. Drop your postscriptfiles in a "watched" folder and the PDF files will roll out automatically. It can also append multiple existing PDF files with postscriptfiles into 1 multipage PDF. FreeDist can be used as a postscript viewer. FreeDist is a frontend for the wellknown Ghostscript. FreeDist supports Ghostscript 8.14 encryption and has a multilanguage interface.

Mulps21PDF 7166 + downloads

A program to create PDF files from a virtual postscript printer, like the wellknown FreePDF but with the extra option to combine multiple prints in one PDF. So you could have separate prints from Autocad, Word, Notepad and IE all combined into 1 multipage PDF.

PhotoLapse 3 19000 + downloads

PhotoLapse is a free program to create avi movies from jpg sequences. It can be used for creating timelapse movies with your digital photocamera. It needs no installing and it does not modify your registry so there's no risk giving it a try.... No installation required

MultiG®®Q 201 + downloads

MultiG®®Q is a freeware Google searchpage builder. When you have long lists of phrases you'd like to ask to Google you can type them in one by one in Google or just paste your phrases into MultiG®®Q and press the button to generate a html page with all the phrases linked to Google's search page. No installation required

RSI 2101 + downloads

A stupid name but it was the best i could think of (then). It's a cute little program that monitors your mousemovements graphically. It also logs your mousebutton clicks. Be surprised how many kilometers you move your mouse over your desk! No installation required

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