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Friday, January 14, 2011

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Kid Chameleon's Helmet

If you were at Phoenix on January 6th and stuck around until Kid Chameleon's set, you were lucky enough to witness the debut of our new visualizer helmet. What started as a project for my sculpture class at Chico State University has now become a part of Kid Chameleon's DJ set and a way for us to showcase our visuals in a new way during live performances.

Kid Chameleon Intro from Phoenix 01/06/11 from Matt Loniero on Vimeo.

Essentially, I purchased a Macintosh Plus on ebay, removed the inner parts, cut a hole in the bottom of the case, inserted the inner padding of a bicycle helmet (cut to fit), and cut a slot for the iPad to slide in. The iPad's thinness allows for plenty of room for the user's head and the inner helmet keeps the Macintosh situated properly. Kid Chameleon then provided me with a sound activated LED patch he had which we attached to the front of the helmet.

Helmet sans iPad

For this specific performance, we used an iMac connected to several projectors and televisions around the room and above the bar. The iMac was running Resolume Avenue and the video was triggered using a MIDI keyboard and a Wiimote. The iPad was connected to a bluetooth keyboard which allowed me to press play on the iPad video and press the B button on the Wiimote at the same time Kid Chameleon started his set.

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Afterglow VP » Blog Archive » Kid Chameleon's Helmet
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