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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

OLD-COMPUTERS.COM Museum ~ Northstar Advantage


NorthStar launched this indestructible all-in-one system in 1982.

The Advantage combined the well known (at the time) NorthStar 5.25 floppy disc sub-system with a high-resolution display and a durable keyboard. The Advantage also had it's own bus with it's own set of optional I/O card and a 8088 co-processor card for comparability with the newly released IBM PC software. Sadly, the card was delivered with MS-DOS ver.1 which wasn't compatible with the IBM-PC PC-DOS and very few programs were developed for this OS.

Despite some interesting features - High resolution graphics display, 8 and 16-bit software compatibility - and a proven reliability, the Advantage never really competed with Apple and IBM-PC systems


"Chuck Versus the First Fight" is the seventh episode of the fourth season of Chuck. It originally aired November 1, 2010. In the wake of his first fight with Sarah, Chuck Bartowski embarks on a rogue mission to prove his mother's innocence, ultimately colliding with her MI6 handler, Gregory Tuttle (former James Bond star Timothy Dalton) and Dasha (Ana Gasteyer), a nefarious Volkoff operative. Meanwhile, Ellie digs into her family's secretive past.



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