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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Air4zero Motors Projects

Interesting site about a Company that is Researching and Building Compressed Air Motor Conversion Systems and a Compressed Air Motor in the works too. It will be interesting to see if this comes to fruition...


Be prepared by November 2011 to visit one of our A4Z Service Center near you, converting your car from gas to air, running at zero cost, with zero pollution, and with a 20,000 mile driving range! Air4zero's technology is considered to be the best alternative energy source ever offered on the entire market in the green energy industry, with huge savings on gas costs, cutting down CO2 and Carbon emissions, and reducing global warming all at once.

Projects overview on progress

A4Z Conversion kits for cars by June 2011

Conversion kits for cars was supposed to be ready on November 2011, we had to upgrade the air distributor part to reach a better performance, we should be ready with this part within the next six months. With the new improvement part the converted engines should gain 15% more power and running cool. The final version will achieve a 20,000 miles driving range with just $10 worth of air fuel.

A4Z Conversion kits for motor bikes by July 2011

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