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Monday, January 10, 2011

Runing fsck at boot time

Running fsck at boot time - Ran again on Blue FIC Debian several times and it keeps hanging up on Can't Read Block Errors. e2fsk just brings up a help menu in the Command line, but fsck runs fine till the errors.

I had a Hardware Problem, the Power Supply Capacitors were going out. Could try again with the new Power Supply...

Open a terminal window and change to root using (su -) that is SU Dash,
then type:

touch /forcefsck -p (-p to fix all no questions) Run again on Blue FIC Debian.

and then reboot. This will force a file system check during the boot


Go there and read the rest of the Posts to get Context (remember
improperly run fsck, such as on a mounted file system, can damage your
file system even more!)...


Run e2fsck on Fedora 12 L and see if can fix
I saw this command on a somewhat related post "yum clean all", they say it can't hurt anything. Could try it to see if helps anything. Didn't Help my problem with file permissions.

My Fedora 12 L drive would be... e2fsck /dev/sdb2
Tried running on Mom's running on SystemRescue CD, "e2fsck -p", but couldn't install any new apps. Have to use another Distro that doesn't auto mount drives.

Results of running just e2fsck in my Fedora 13

[don@fedora13-gatewaygt5408 ~]$ su
[root@fedora13-gatewaygt5408 don]# e2fsck
Usage: e2fsck [-panyrcdfvtDFV] [-b superblock] [-B blocksize]
        [-I inode_buffer_blocks] [-P process_inode_size]
        [-l|-L bad_blocks_file] [-C fd] [-j external_journal]
        [-E extended-options] device

Emergency help:
 -p                   Automatic repair (no questions)
 -n                   Make no changes to the filesystem
 -y                   Assume "yes" to all questions
 -c                   Check for bad blocks and add them to the badblock list
 -f                   Force checking even if filesystem is marked clean
 -v                   Be verbose
 -b superblock        Use alternative superblock
 -B blocksize         Force blocksize when looking for superblock
 -j external_journal  Set location of the external journal
 -l bad_blocks_file   Add to badblocks list
 -L bad_blocks_file   Set badblocks list
[root@fedora13-gatewaygt5408 don]#

Ext2fs Home Page

Release 1.41.11 of e2fsprogs is available!

On May 17, 2010, version 1.41.12 of e2fsprogs was announced.
Ext2fs Utilities
The following Ext2fs Utilities are available:

    * e2fsprogs, which consists of e2fsck, mke2fs, debugfs, dumpe2fs, tune2fs, and most of the other core ext2fs filesystem utilities.
    * dump, which will allow you to make backups of your ext2 filesystems. It uses a format which is compatible with the BSD dump and restore programs.
    * defrag, which will defragment your ext2 filesystem
    * ext2ed, which is a text/windows (curses) interface for examining and editing an ext2 filesystem. It unfortunately is limited to filesystems smaller than 2GB, and is heavily Intel byte order dependent, and has apparently been abandoned by its original author. (So for those people who were used to seeing ext2ed in older Linux distributions, and wondered where it went to, that's the explanation.)

      It has been integrated into e2fsprogs version 1.28, but its limitations mean that it should only be used by developers who need to generate test cases.
    * Ext2fsd, An ext2 filesystem driver for Windows NT/2K/XP. The most recent version has read-write support.

Papers and Documentation of the Ext2 Filesystem

    * Design and Implementation of the Second Extended Filesystem

Other useful links related to the ext2 filesystem

    * Ext4 --- Future enhancements to ext3
          o Ext4 development wiki
          o Ext2/3 development home page

    * Ext3 --- Journaling for ext2fs
          o Ext3 Journaling design paper

    * Large File Support API

Other Linux filesystem development efforts

    * The Global File System (GFS)
    * SGI's XFS port to Linux

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