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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

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I was working on this Bug and someone asked me to... "Try to change KDE color theme using KDE control panel and try again." Well, I couldn't find the KDE control panel on my Machine (I'm running Gnome Desktop, but I do have KDE Installed). Nor could I find it in the Fedora Repos. Not until I looked it up in Google and found out how they Spell it and what Parent App it comes with (kdeadmin) for Desktops (I'm not running a Laptop and don't need kcontrol).


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Screenshot of KControl
Developer(s) KDE
Operating system Unix-like
Platform KDE
License GNU General Public License

The KDE Control Center. also known as KControl, is the centralized settings manager for the KDE desktop environment. It is part of the kdeadmin package. It can be considered the KDE counterpart of the Windows Control Panel.

KControl has a modular architecture. The window is split into two parts: the left side displays the list of available modules (also known as applets), and the right side displays the current module. Applications can install their own KControl modules (an example being Konqueror), although most applications prefer to use their own, independent settings managers.

Although KControl is installed by default in Kubuntu, that distribution uses a non-standard version of it by default, redesigned to resemble the Mac OS X system settings manager. The "classic" KControl is also available, however. A ported version of the Kubuntu System Settings application has also replaced KControl in KDE SC 4.[1] Systemsettings has been accepted as "an improved user interface for configuring the desktop and other aspects of the system".[2]

[edit] References

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  2. ^ Debian Package Details for Systemsettings
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