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Friday, January 21, 2011

Guitar tube-amp from junk hi-fi - Hack a Day

Guitar tube-amp from junk hi-fi

posted Jan 20th 2011 12:31pm by Mike Szczys
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[Tristan Chambers] picked up an old speaker box some friends acquired at a yard sale. It didn’t have any inputs, and there weren’t any tuning knobs like a radio would have, so it’s a mystery what this was originally used for. [Tristan] traced out the circuit and figured out where he could input audio signals which allowed him to hook up an iPod, but it was mono and not very loud. He ended building his own vacuum tube preamp from a schematic he found on the Internet so that he could use it with an electric guitar. As the video after the break shows, the box not only puts out some pretty good sound but it’s nice and loud too.

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Trash metal for free Video

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Somewhere in the Garage, I have the Innards from an old HiFi Stereo Amp - Radio - Turn Table. I turned the Cabinet into a TV Stand Cabinet 20+ years ago and then later on gave it to a friend. But I have often wondered if I could figure out how to use those Tube Amp Parts to turn my 80's Solid State Guitar Amp into a Tube Amp... Now I think I can!:) All I have to do now is wade through a garage full of Boxes Stacked to the Ceiling and then find the one containing the old Tub Amp Parts! One of these days... As soon as I find my Round-Tuit and Learn how to Play my Guitar too!:O


Guitar tube-amp from junk hi-fi - Hack a Day
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