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Friday, October 8, 2010

Xmarks Sync to be Discontinued

UPDATE: Xmarks Sync NOT Dead Yet

Since we first announced Xmarks was shutting down in 90 days, several companies have expressed genuine and strong interest in acquiring the Xmarks service. James' blog post first mentioned this last week, and now we're hopeful that we'll have news to report this week. So please hang in there with us!

Meanwhile, you can help us prove to potential acquirers of the sync service that Xmarks is a valuable asset: if you would pay $10 per year to continue to use Xmarks, please pledge your support.

Best regards,
-Team Xmarks

What you need to know:

  • Where to Get Updates from Xmarks

    Please watch our blog for the latest developments. As soon as we know what's going to happen, we'll share it with you there first. (Alternately, you can also follow us on Twitter or like us on Facebook, as we'll post alerts of any new blog posts there too.)

  • Other Shutdown (or Not?) Questions

    Please see our Shutdown FAQ if you have questions related to our potential shutdown that you don't see answered above.

  • More Sync Options

    If you have need of syncing more than just bookmarks between computers, here are two great services we recommend you try out. Both offer a free plan with no payment obligation.

Go there...

Well, I have been an Xmarks user since it was FoxMarks... I loved keeping all of my Bookmarks in Sync on all of my Machines. When I worked that is... At first, back when it was FoxMarks. It worked, but was very slow and slowed my Web Browsers down so much that I could barely Surf the Net while FoxMarks and then Later on Xmarks was running. I have run it on Everything from Windows 2000, WinXP to Fedora 11-13 and Debian Etch in a Half. I have the same Problems in every Version of Firefox (For Windows and Linux) that I have run it on. What I use to do is... Enable FoxMarks - Xmarks when I needed to Sync my Bookmarks and go Surf and do my Work on another Machine, while the Syncing was going on. This usually took form 30 min to 2 hours. But now, in the last 8 or so months with the newer version of Xmarks. I know the problems have to do with the heavy use of Flash and or Java to run Xmarks. And on a side note, I have even worse problems with Weave. It use to work, but now it is unusable too. And so far, I haven't found any Bookmark Syncing App or Add-on that doesn't have the same problems. Yep, I gave up on Google Bookmarks for the same reasons, long before I ever found FoxMarks and Weave... With all of the Problems with Flash using 50 to100% of your CPU's Power when you just open up a Flash Video or even Surf a Page with allot of Flash Embedded in it... See, When using Adobe Flash Player 10 why is there high cpu/memory usage (100% utilization)?. I know there is nothing an average user can do to fix this. So, I wonder if the Problems Xmarks is having with getting financing is more to do with the Usability of the Product and the Site as well? I have the same Problems on the Web Site too. I have always loved Xmarks when it worked. But you can't use something, if it doesn't actually work. So, why would anyone Pay for something that only works for some Browsers and OS's IE - Windblows and maybe Mac? And not very well at that??? I do wish them well and I really appreciate their work and service for Free:) I know they have now control over Flash and Java... But, things use to work just fine all over the Web, back in the days of plain old HTML, with just a little Flash and Java that actually worked on all OS's and with most all Web Browsers...


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