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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Space shuttle Atlantis lands for final time -

Space shuttle Atlantis lands for final time

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Watch space shuttle Atlantis land for the last time.

Space shuttle Atlantis lands for final time

CAPE CANAVERAL — Space shuttle Atlantis returned from orbit for the last time Wednesday, closing out a 25-year flying career and safely bringing back six astronauts who boosted the International Space Station's power and size.

The smooth landing was indicative of the entire 12-day mission —NASA's third-to-last shuttle flight.

"That was pretty sweet," Mission Control radioed after Atlantis glided through a clear morning sky and rolled down the runway. "That was a suiting end to an incredible mission."

Commander Kenneth Ham said he was ready to turn the shuttle over to the ground teams and get Atlantis "back in the barn for a little bit."

Mission Control had monitored storms throughout the early hours, but they dissipated by daybreak and remained at a safe distance. The cockpit erupted in cheers when Mission Control finally radioed up the "go" to come home.

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