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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Rpm | MSamir Patching the SRPM package.

Patching the SRPM package

In this tutorial we will discuss howto unpack source rpm’s, generate a patch  with diff command from the changed sources and create a new rpm, tihs case you aready have the src-rpm and need to patching the SRPM. I assume you have the non-root build environment set up as per previous tutorial building an RPM without having root access

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Building RPMs without root access

today i will represent simple trick to building an RPM without having root access. You can build it in your home directory
In this tutorial we will see how to create the RPM build directories and how to setup your ~/.rpmmacros
The .rpmmacros file is used by rpmbuild to provide defaults. You may find references to the .rpmrc file, but it has been deprecated in favor of this file.
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