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Thursday, October 7, 2010

The Pyrosphere video and photos | Nexus

The Pyrosphere video and photos

The           Pyrosphere video and photos

Much thanks to everyone who lent a hand, came to a fund-raiser event,made a sequence, bought a hoodie, and helped spread the word! The Pyrosphere was truly a community accomplishment!

Thanks for making it happen,

Erin B

The PyroSphere Crew

Erin Banwell- creator, director, conceptual design, R&D, flame effects, fund-raising coordinator

Chris Nowak- Structural Manager, design, heavy equipment

Steve Cronberg- circuit design, head programmer, R&D

Nathan Crane- flame effects, plumbing, electrical, head technician

Chris Pomodoro- architectural design, structural engineering

Robert Cordtz- creator of The Pyro Bowl

Zeke Koch- Sequencer programming

Corey Patterson- sequencer technician

Aaron Davis- welding

Hillary- welding

Mark Pauley-programming

Josh Silverstein- logistical support

Kristina Moreno

Vaughn Parsons

Christian Ardita

David Ampersand

Hali Stone

Ashley Pauley

Taylor Williams

Patty T Nowak

Julie Luster

Erin Pauley

Selina Koch

Randy Sherwood

Haley Koch


Donny Thomas II

Connell Burke

Dustin Raphael


Red Floyd


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