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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Escape (Robot Birds) : Neil Mendoza

Escape (Robot Birds)

In city life, we are constantly surrounded by mobile phones that endlessly bleat for attention. This installation takes these familiar, often stressful and annoying devices, and creates an alternate reality in which they pique people's curiosity, and make them want to use their phones in a playful manner. It's about taking the worst of modern life - disposable unwanted phones and unwanted noises - and turning them into something beautiful.

This piece is a collaboration with Anthony Goh. The installation consists of a tree containing the birds. Each bird consists of a load of broken phone junk, just enough of one phone for it to continue working and an Ardiuno Mini. The working phone communicates via serial to the Arduino that then decides how the bird should move, when it should answer calls (from the public or other birds) and when it should make calls.

Escape was exhibited at the V&A during London Design Week 2010.

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You have to see the video on the Page... to get the idea of what they are really are. I like them very much. I think this is truly great work and the idea of them being actually interactive is fantastic!:)


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