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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Data Foundry contracts KST Electric for $150M data center in Austin, TX - Cabling Installation & Maintenance

Data Foundry contracts KST Electric for $150M data center in Austin, TX

Oct 4, 2010

AUSTIN, Texas -- KST Electric, Ltd., a subsidiary of private electrical contractor Rosendin Electric, announced that it has signed a contract with Data Foundry, a provider of wholesale and retail data center outsourcing, co-location, and disaster recovery service, to wire the first phase of a $150 million data center in Austin, Texas. The greenfield facility, named Austin Data Center 2 (ADC2), is the first part of a multi-phase construction project that will ultimately become a 250,000 sq. ft. carrier-neutral data center.

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ADC2 is built upon a 40-acre campus called the Data Ranch, which when completed will have capabilities to deliver over 100 megawatts of power to over one million square feet of data center space. In addition, the fully redundant ADC2 is powered by two independent substations and will feature an end-to-end underground power supply offering resilient and scalable power options. 

KST Electric will be responsible for wiring the entire first phase of ADC2, including providing flexible power delivery for rooms from 2,500 square feet and up, as well as flexible power redundancy from N+1 to 2N+1 configurations. The first phase of ADC2 will support 12 MW of utility power with two redundant 12 MW feeds into the building and two independent substations, each independently connected to the ERCOT grid. All data and telecom cabling will be underground in a concrete-encased duct.

The contractor notes that unique feature of the current build-out is that unlike most construction projects, much of the wiring is in the open rather than hidden behind walls. Data Foundry plans to display key power rooms during tours and use KST Electric's handiwork to showcase the wiring versatility and power capabilities of its new greenfield data center for prospective tenants.

"This is a tremendous opportunity for KST to not only demonstrate our prowess at wiring a mission-critical project such as the new Data Foundry data center, but it also gives us a rare opportunity to display our work," said Kenneth Tumlinson, President of KST Electric.

"With the demand for high-quality data center and disaster recovery services from companies nationwide, we decided to build our new facility from the ground up, rather than compromising quality by retrofitting an existing building," added Edward Henigin, Chief Technology Officer for Data Foundry.

KST Electric is working with Holder Construction Company, a data center contractor with projects across the United States. Gensler is handling architectural design, and CCG Facilities Integration is providing engineering services for the project.

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