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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Fuduntu Linux looks like an interesting Fedora Based Distro.

These Screen Shots 1-7 are of Fuduntu Linux and it looks like an interesting Fedora Based Distro. I don't have a Netbook or even a Laptop. But, I Downloaded it and tried Fuduntu out in Virtual Box. My VM Machines is running a Single Processor with 512 megabyte or Ram and 64 Megabyte of Video Memory and my Host Real Hardware is a 1.8Ghz Pentium Duo Core with 2.5GB of Memory and 512 megabytes of Video on a Radeon Video Card. Fuduntu ran just fine in this VM, but was a little slow. I have noticed that all Live Distros run a little slower in my VM than they do on a Comparable Real Hardware Machine. So, I think it would run just fine on the same Real Machine. Fuduntu has a nice selection of Software Applications already installed, so that you can go right to using your new Fuduntu (Fedora) OS. I made some Screen Shots to share of my quick run through. And the first thing that I noticed was the lack of any kind of FTP Application. So, I installed Filezilla, so that I could transfer my Screen Shots to my Host OS's Real Hard Drive (Fedora 14). So, that I wouldn't loose them all when I shut down Fuduntu. All files and App installs done on a Live OS reside in Memory in and will be lost. Unless you take a Snap Shot of the running OS in your VM. So, I just FTP's them into my Real Fedora 14 System. All in all I really like Fuduntu, especially since Fedora is my all Time Favorite Linux Distro. I found it very easy to use and intuitive to operate. I experimented with replacing the little control Panel section at the Bottom with the Standard Gnome Panel that I am so use to. The article that I raid which clued me into the Existence of Fuduntu told how to do this. But I couldn't remember for sure how. I did get rid of the new controls at the bottom of the Desktop Screen. But I was going to manually insert and setup my bottom Panel. No big deal since I've done it at least 50 times while trying out other Distros. But I thought the article said it would be automatic, if you did it right. Anyway... I would really like to see how Fuduntu works on one of my old Desktops. I think it would work well, since it is target at Netbooks and such, which usual have less System Resources than Desktops these days. Some of them are about the same Power, Memory and Processing and Video as my older P3 Desktops... Maybe Later, I'll do that...

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Fuduntu Linux

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