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Monday, March 14, 2011

Google Found Guilty Of Copyright Infringement In France For Not Magically Blocking Infringing Movie | Techdirt

Google Found Guilty Of Copyright Infringement In France For Not Magically Blocking Infringing Movie

from the it's-all-magic dept

The latest in confused secondary liability rulings comes from France, where Google has lost a lawsuit and been fined for copyright infringement, because of links and an uploaded video of a movie from producers Mondovino. Apparently, Mondovino wanted Google to block links to the unauthorized version and was upset to find that someone had uploaded the video to Google Video. Of course, Google has a well known takedown procedure that is supposed to protect it from liability. For that reason, the company appears to be planning to appeal, claiming that the ruling contradicts a 2004 European law and is technically "unfeasible." It's really amazing in this day and age that courts still don't understand basic secondary liability issues and are happy to blame third parties for actions they had nothing to do with.

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