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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

DIY Low-power PSU for home server use - Hack a Day

DIY Low-power PSU for home server use

posted Mar 23rd 2011 11:30am by Mike Nathan
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[Viktor] decided to replace his old power hungry home server with a model that is much easier on the old electric bill. The new motherboard uses an Intel Atom chip and consumes far less power than its predecessor. He figured there was no reason to use a bulky ATX power supply when all he needed was 12V for the mainboard and a pair of 5V rails for his hard drives, so he decided to build a PSU himself.

He sourced a 100VA toroid transformer as the basis of the power supply due to its popularity with audio amp builders, adding a standard bridge rectifier and smoothing capacitor before regulating the DC output. A pair of switching regulators were added, one for the 6A, 12V, and a second for the 1.5A, 5V supply. The motherboard only requires about 18W at full tilt, so the PSU should be more than sufficient for his needs.

Schematics and board layouts are available for free on his site, if you are in the market for your own DIY low-power PSU.

Looking for more build to suit electronics?  Check out this DIY amp we featured just the other day.

[Thanks, Chris]

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DIY Low-power PSU for home server use
DIY Low-power PSU for home server use - Hack a Day
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I wonder if there is an Open Source App that will read the .pro, .brd, sch files he uploaded? I couldn't find one in my Fedora 14 Repo's. I didn't look long though. I have K-Cad, KiCad, Gerbv file viewer etc...


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