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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Autonomous/RC Human Bot

Autonomous/RC Human Bot


Autonomous/RC Human Bot

I am a 24 yr old student at York Technical Institute studying electrical engineering and this is my robot that I have been building for a project and wanted to share with all students, educators, and hobbyists.

This  robot can be controlled via a PC, remote control or Microcontroller.

Building a robot is all about creativity, how it is controlled, and intelligence.

This robot is built from:
  • 13 Parallax and hitec servos
  • home made pan and tilt head camera system
  • servo erector set brackets with ball bearings
  • erector set parts as body
  • lynx motion tank tread kit
  • wireless camera for live video streaming
  • parallax ping sensors
  • LED light strips for headlights (24 LEDs)
  • parallax Bs2 and bs2px microcontrollers
  • parallax Propeller microcontroller
  • 2 parallax HB-25 motor controllers
  • parallax Propeller usb servo controller
  • spektrum DX5e reciever and transmitter
  • 2 12 volt 6mm shaft (50:1 gear ratio) motors
  • parallax LCD screen
  • Misc. sensors
  • different software programs such as roborealm for object tracking and more.
  • Reedy LiPo 7.4V 1800mAh lithium battery pack
  • Reedy LiPo 14.8V 3600mAh lithium battery pack

Here are the links to my videos of the robot...

Video 69

Video Link...

Robot Walking The Dog

Video Link...

In order to build a robot similar to this you do not need everything I used. To make something cheap and easier all you need is what I included in my last page. I started with something much smaller and not as complex as this and in time I advanced. You can modify and change anything you want but you must be creative and willing to learn. Enjoy!.


Autonomous RC Human Bot
Remote-controlled tank tread robot will walk the dog for you - Hack a Day
Autonomous/RC Human Bot
YouTube - Video 69
YouTube - Robot Walking The Dog

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