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Monday, March 14, 2011

USB dongle hack tethers DSLR cameras at a fraction of the price - Hack a Day

USB dongle hack tethers DSLR cameras at a fraction of the price

posted Mar 12th 2011 1:00pm by Mike Nathan
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[Neal] wanted to tether his DSLR to his computer, but he wasn’t about to fork out the $1,000 Nikon was asking for their wireless adapter. Instead, he opted to construct his own solution using two separate camera accessories which cost him less than $200 when finished.

The two components he purchased were a wireless USB transmitter/receiver pair and an external battery grip. The battery grip allows him to use a pair of batteries to power his camera, while providing just enough space to wedge in the USB transmitter. He stripped the casing off the transmitter and connected it to a mini USB plug that he wired into the battery grip. He then added a small voltage regulator to step down the Nikon battery voltage from 7.2v to the 5v required by the USB transmitter.

The battery grip and transmitter were then hooked directly into his camera using the weatherproof plug built into the grip. Once he powered on his camera, it was connected to the PC immediately.

It’s amazing how the simplest hacks can save incredible amounts of money.  Nice job!

Be sure to check out the video embedded below to see the wireless adapter in action.

Wireless USB Tether Battery Grip

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Cool! Now all I need is the money to by a DSLR Camera!:) It doesn't have to be a Nikon... I can get buy with a Canon;)


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