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Saturday, March 26, 2011

A Picture Search Engine That's a Must for Online Daters

A Picture Search Engine That's a Must for Online Daters

This interesting suggestion about a site that provides reverse image search was emailed to me by regular site visitor R.F.  I can see it being of great value to others.  The idea is simple: provide a picture or image and the search engine will locate that and similar images on the web. - Gizmo


I've been using TinEye via the Firefox Add-on for about 6 months now. Their web site is at, That's what he is talking about in the article. It works pretty well, but you may not find other images in your search. They are still building their Data Base now. So, I also use Cydral to double check. Cydral is building their Data Base now too. You may get different results between the sites. While writing this I remembered a real Face Recognition App - Site that I use to use which worked better than either one of these sites. Polar Rose (facial recognition). It was Scary Good!:O But, sadly it has been bought out by Apple Inc. That makes me wonder if there is any other Open Source Facial Recognition Software...

Well, Yes there is, allot! But, so far in my Search, they are pretty hard to figure out how to use. Most are aimed at Web Developers and the like. The Face detection with PHP Article at, has some interesting info. And I found that I already had OpenCV installed on my Fedora 14 System. The writer says... "To show you a more dynamic example I searched for the possibility to get a random photo of a flickr stream. Because I don't use the Pear Environment, I wrote my own little Script to generate the Images. Here is the result:". The Script is at, It didn't work for me. So, I installed php-facedetect and opencv-python to see if they would make OpenCV work for me. But I still get the same error when I run the script....

don@RedBlackBioStar Downloads$ ./
./ line 1: ?php: No such file or directory
./ line 3: // Get Contents from flickr: No such file or directory
./ line 4: syntax error near unexpected token `'''
./ line 4: `$cont_= file_get_contents('');'
don@RedBlackBioStar Downloads$

I Think I will keep looking for either a Graphical App or a Web Service. Mucking around in the Command Line, gets old fast for me... This is where I found some good links. Facial recognition/detection PHP or software for photo and video galleries, at

Ok!:)... No I've found some really great info and it takes me right back to OpenCV! I found some videos on what you can do with it and some how to Tutorials. This will take some time. But, probably not as much of a Learning Curve as I firs thought. Here's the best Pages I found so far...

Examples of OpenCV routines from the Processing library documentation. Of course, it’s up to you to build on these techniques and make art.

It’s a relatively easy thing for computers to “see” video, but “computer vision” goes a step further, applying a wide range of techniques by which computers can begin to understand and process the content of a video input. These techniques tend toward the primitive, but they can also produce aesthetically beautiful results. The best place to start with computer vision has long been the standard library, OpenCV. A free (as in beer and freedom) library developed by Intel and with ongoing use in a variety of applications, OpenCV is a terrific, C/C++-based tool not just for things like motion tracking, but video processing in general. OpenCV gets a lot of support in the C++-based OpenFrameWorks, but that doesn’t mean Java and Processing have to be left out of the fun. (In fact, I’d still recommend starting with Processing for OpenCV, because other tasks remain easier in Java.)

I expect to have us working a lot with OpenCV over the course of 2009. To get the ball rolling, I’m pleased to welcome guest writer Andy Best, a self-described “Interaction Designer/visualist/musician/general technology tinkerer.”

Andy Best

Before you get started, be sure to grab the library, following the instructions here (and check out the quite-nice, clear examples):
OpenCV library

Note that this will also work with standard Java projects, not just Processing. I’ll also be doing some cross-platform testing on Mac, Windows, and Linux with video processing using this library and GStreamer/GSVideo for Processing.

Here’s Andy:

Learning OpenCV with Processing

A relatively new library for Processing is the OpenCV library. It ports over some of the functions from the OpenCV library to work with Processing and is designed for realtime video processing.

In this tutorial I am going to cover some of the basic functionality of the OpenCV library for Processing in order to create an effect for live video, so you will need to install the library first. Instructions can be found on the site that I linked to above. I shall try to stick to OpenCV library functions and native Processing functions to make things a bit easier. This means that there is lots of room for optimization in the final product.

The Processing implementation of OpenCV contains functions for image and video capture, image manipulation, blob detection and object detection.

A basic OpenCV sketch framework that captures frames from the camera and displays them onscreen is shown below:


This Video is what Sold me on it all...

openFrameworks is an open source C++ toolkit
for creative coding.

watch         me

watch me

openFrameworks on the web

Go there and See the Video...

Watch out for Ares for Windows! I downloaded it and it had a Trojan in the EXE File!:(

Ares Face Recognition Don't Download Again had a Trojan Virus! Download Ares Face Recognition software for free at (On 03-26-11) Scanned Report :
Scanned time   : 2011/03/26 18:17:04 (CDT)
Scanner results: 5% Scanner(s) (2/37) found malware!
File Name      : AresFaceR_dev_1_005_install.exe
File Size      : 10095366 byte
File Type      : PE32 executable for MS Windows (GUI) Intel 80386 32-bit
MD5            : c100dedc8c9b74c4391e33ad6893ca5f
SHA1           : 9c9830a5793d5dd45be4b0202e3dcf12d2449bf7
Online report  :
Scanner        Engine Ver      Sig Ver           Sig Date    Time   Scan result
a-squared         20110327010737    2011-03-27  7.45   -
AhnLab V3      2011.03.27.00   2011.03.27        2011-03-27  1.46   -
AntiVir         2011-03-25  3.08   -
Antiy          2.0.18          20110205.7694535  2011-02-05  0.24   -
Arcavir        2010            201103240801      2011-03-24  0.01   -
Authentium     5.1.1           201103261612      2011-03-26  1.90   -
AVAST!         4.7.4           110326-1          2011-03-26  3.44   Win32:Zlob-CGY [Trj]
AVG            8.5.850         271.1.1/3516      2011-03-19  7.48   -
BitDefender    7.90123.6996751 7.36803           2011-03-27  6.67   -
ClamAV         0.96.5          12910             2011-03-26  4.43   -
Comodo         4.0             8118              2011-03-26  13.51  -
CP Secure         2011.03.26        2011-03-26  0.89   -
Dr.Web      2011.03.27        2011-03-27  28.21  -
F-Prot        20110326          2011-03-26  1.82   -
F-Secure       7.02.73807      2011.03.26.03     2011-03-26  20.49  -
Fortinet       4.2.254         13.46             2011-03-26  4.70   -
GData          21.2135/21.772  20110326          2011-03-26  11.28  Win32:Zlob-CGY [Trj] [Engine:B]
ViRobot        20110326        2011.03.26        2011-03-26  0.41   -
Ikarus         T3.    2011.03.26.78028  2011-03-26  8.58   -
JiangMin       13.0.900        2011.03.26        2011-03-26  1.45   -
Kaspersky      5.5.10          2011.03.26        2011-03-26  4.57   -
KingSoft       2009.2.5.15     2011.3.26.18      2011-03-26  0.88   -
McAfee         5400.1158       6297              2011-03-26  11.36  -
Microsoft      1.6702          2011.03.26        2011-03-26  6.96   -
NOD32          3.0.21          5988              2011-03-26  4.18   -
Norman         6.07.03         6.07.00           2011-03-26  10.01  -
Panda          9.05.01         2011.03.25        2011-03-25  0.62   -
Trend Micro    9.200-1012      7.928.04          2011-03-26  4.31   -
Quick Heal     11.00           2011.03.26        2011-03-26  3.07   -
Rising         20.0         2011-03-26  5.77   -
Sophos         3.16.1          4.62              2011-03-27  3.12   -
Sunbelt        3.9.2486.2      8829              2011-03-26  4.10   -
Symantec        20110326.002      2011-03-26  1.64   -
nProtect       20110326.01     3275801           2011-03-26  6.53   -
The Hacker         v00157            2011-03-26  0.49   -
VBA32       20110325.1219     2011-03-25  19.97  -
VirusBuster  0.00   -

Go there...

Also See...


Here's the info on Polar Rose from,

Polar Rose (facial recognition)

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Polar Rose is a company from Malmö, Sweden which makes facial recognition software.

Polar Rose had a service that allows users to name people in their photos on photo sharing sites like Flickr and using their Facebook contacts. Using their facial recognition Polar Rose applies a good amount of auto-tagging for users.The service was discontinued on 6 September, 2010 [1] only to be purchased two weeks later by Apple Inc. for approximately $22 million. [2]

The Polar Rose website and related add-ons for Firefox and Internet Explorer allowed users to put names to the faces of people whose photographs appear on the web, and to then find other pictures of the same individuals; however, as of May 20, 2009, use of the plugins was discontinued in favor of a purely web-based interface.[3]

Search Wikia featured integration with Polar Rose.[4]

Polar Rose founder Jan Erik Solem is company CTO while Danish serial entrepreneur Nikolaj Nyholm is CEO.

Polar Rose was awarded a World Economic Forum Technology Pioneer Award in 2008 [5] and has won other awards like SIME's 2007 Best Technical Innovation[6] and the Red Herring Global 100 list for 2007[7].

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