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Friday, March 18, 2011

Don's Fusion Linux Review


Fusion Linux is a Fedora Remix that includes all the best software that is available for Linux. Fusion uses a combination of free and open-source, non-free and non-open-source firmware and software, to bring the user the most advanced experience on the Linux platform.

Fusion Linux is an installable Live image that includes multimedia functionality out of the box, with added desktop tweaks for better usability and additional software. It also gives the user the option of installing the operating system to the hard disk for a much better user experience.

Fusion Linux is 100% compatible with Fedora. A Fedora Remix including packages from Fedora and RPM Fusion software repositories plus some custom packages.
The basic guide principles behind this Fedora Remix are; “Beyond Upstream” and “Multimedia Out of the Box”. You can also think of it as a “Pimp My Ride” version of Fedora!

To clarify what “Beyond Upstream” means, you have to understand that the Fedora Project is closely tied with the upstream projects and the Fedora Developers don’t do anything that upstream don’t do. And an “Upstream Only” mentality has lots of good things going for it.

One of the drawbacks is that “Upstream Only” makes for a too conservative and old fashioned desktop user experience. This is where Fusion Linux steps in.
And another drawback of Fedora being tied to upstream, is the fact that it doesn’t allow much progress and experimentation regarding the look and feel of the desktop experience. Hence the need for the Remix desktop.

Because of this opportunity we decided to make an awesome looking Fedora Remix oriented for advanced desktop users and the Fedora Linux enthusiast.
Fusion Linux is also very much influenced by Linux Mint and its community.

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