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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Flash 10.2 Found To Be Crashtastic | Linux Journal

Flash 10.2 Found To Be Crashtastic

If you've experienced a lot of crashes when trying to access pages with Flash content recently, and you've been wondering why, take solace in that fact that it's not specifically a Linux problem. Windows users have had the same problem, and it's caused by the latest version of the Flash plugin. Fortunately, it's easy enough to work around.

At time of writing, the Adobe forum is full of reports of the crash, and it seems to affect Windows and Linux versions of the plugin. The situation is slightly annoying because many of us received a pop-up prompt encouraging us to go to an updated version of the plugin that has turned out to be unreliable.

The reports on the Adobe forum indicate that we may be having a slightly easier time of it, as typically, the player just pops up a message indicating that has crashed. In such a case, a page reload should be all that's needed to get things working again. Outside of Linux land, apparently, the faulty plugin regularly brings down the browser, and in some cases, the entire machine. Occasionally, the Linux version can cause browser crashes but I wasn't able to locate any reports of it bringing the whole system down. It might seem surprisingly that a mere browser plugin could cause system instability, but apparently, the the new version addresses hardware acceleration in a different way. There is always going to be a risk of this sort of thing happening when a high level program directly interacts with a low level driver. There have been reports of the problem affecting both Nvidia and ATI chipset equipped machines.


I Personally had this problem when I updated Flash Player in my Fedora 14 System. I wen from things working just fine to having flash crashing every time I maximized a Flash Video in my Browser. A just lived with if for a few weeks thinking the a Bug Fix would come out... And then finally I got so tired of it that I looked the problem up on Google. Should have done that the first day... I found out that it had to do with Hardware Acceleration and turning it off could help. I did that and it did help allot. All I had to do was Right Click in a Flash Video Window and turn of Hardware Acceleration. I didn't even remember turning it on, but it was on in my System. I have a 512Mb Radon Video Card.  YouTube Videos work fine now. But some videos on other sites exhibit the same crashing on maximizing behavior. Some videos will work at first and then if you minimize them and re-maximize them, Flash will crash every time after that. And if I have several Tabs open in Firefox that happen to have Flash in the Pages. Firefox will start using 90 to 100% of my System Resources. What a Royal Pain!:O I would just use a Flash Blocker... But then half of the Internet wouldn't work!:O I've seen Problems with Flash Crashing and Locking up my Browser or even my whole System since the days of Windows 98. I sure hope Web Developers Stop Using this Crappy Code and Soon!


Flash 10.2 Found To Be Crashtastic
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