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Monday, March 14, 2011

DARPA Crowdsources Vehicle Design -- Government Computer News

DARPA turns to the public for vehicle design

Crowdsourcing project could lead to new combat technology

The Defense Department’s brain trust is using crowdsourcing to help pick the top finalists to design a next-generation military vehicle.

The eXperimental Crowd-derived Combat-support Vehicle program is an effort managed by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency to use crowdsourcing techniques to develop new technologies.

Using crowdsourcing applications was a key initiative of DARPA’s Peter Lee, the former head of the agency's Transformational Convergence Technology Office, who championed new and innovative approaches to managing programs. The XC2V program fits into this effort by opening up design and development competitions to public input. In the effort’s first phase, a design challenge, the agency asked individuals to co-create a vehicle design body for two missions, combat reconnaissance and combat delivery and evacuation.


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