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Sunday, March 20, 2011

19th March
written by Todd Harrison

This is Part 4. You may want to read (part1), (part2) & (part3) first.

I’m trying something new. This posting will be a video blog posting. All the content is in the video. I’m limited to 15 minute videos on YouTube so I had to split the content into two clips (1a & 1b).

It is be kind of a trouble shooting tutorial slash what am I trying next video. I will also post some photos and links as normal but let me know if you like the video format better. I know the camera and sound sucks but I have to use the equipment I have which is a 15 year old Sony digital 8 Handycam with built-in mic. Sad I know.

After the videos are some oscilloscope screen shots of some test points and what they mean.

(video 1a)

Power Supply Repair 1a

Video Link...

Power Supply Repair 1b

Video Link...

toddrharrison's Channel

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Power Supply Repair
YouTube - Power Supply Repair 1b
YouTube - Power Supply Repair 1a
YouTube - toddrharrison's Channel

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