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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Hawaii Volcanoes National Park Vacation Travel Reviews - hotels, resorts and activities

Hawaii Volcanoes National Park

There is probably no place on Earth where visitors can easily view so much volcanic activity amid such tropical beauty. Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, located on the Big Island of Hawaii, has extinct volcanoes, dormant volcanoes, active volcanoes, and even a submarine volcano. It has well-marked roads for those interested in a driving tour; it has paved trails that just about anyone, including those in wheelchairs or pushing strollers, can use; it has wilderness trails for hiking through exotic and challenging terrain. There is an historic hotel perched on the rim of the volcano; Hawaiian royalty stayed on the site in the early 1800s and U.S. President Franklin Roosevelt stayed there in the mid-1900s. Open 24 hours a day, the park even boasts a natural sound and light show, in which fiery lava sends up plumes of steam as it plunges into the sea. Current Internet Travel Offers for Hawaii Volcanoes NP...

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