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Monday, May 16, 2011

Microsoft, Google and cloud tech news: Microsoft's open source love-in expands with CentOS Linux support

Microsoft's open source love-in expands with CentOS Linux support

A back-handed compliment to Red Hat?

By Jon Brodkin on Mon, 05/16/11 - 12:17pm.

First, Microsoft submitted source code to the Linux kernel. Then, one of its executives claimed "We love open source." And just last night, Microsoft said it is now adding interoperability support for CentOS Linux so it can be run on Hyper-V, the virtualization platform that comes with Windows Server.

Microsoft's top 12 rivals

There's a healthy does of self-interest here, as Microsoft is trying to improve the viability of Hyper-V in an all-out war to topple VMware from its place at the top of the virtualization market, while also fending off open source competitors Xen and KVM. Plus, Linux is widely used in the Web server market. But you also might call supporting CentOS an indirect compliment paid to rival Red Hat, because CentOS is a version of Linux based on the Red Hat OS.

Bashing Microsoft 'like kicking a puppy,' says Linux Foundation chief

Microsoft marketing GM Sandy Gupta explains that Microsoft is targeting CentOS because it "is a popular Linux distribution for hosters," and therefore an important entry point for Microsoft to get its software into cloud networks.




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