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Friday, May 13, 2011

Oral History of Defence Electronics - Construction of radio equipment in a Japanese PoW camp.

Oral History of Defence Electronics

Construction of radio equipment in a Japanese PoW camp.

By R.G.Wells.

Transcript of a recording by Lieutenant Colonel R G Wells, on the construction of radio equipment whilst in a Japanese Prisoner of War camp after the fall of Singapore.

The need for a radio.

Creating the capacitor.

The cinnamon resistor.

The unconstructables: Headsets and Valves.

The race for power.

AC - DC: Rectifieying the problem.

Receiving the signal.

The raid!
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The OHRU has a substantial collection of oral histories relating to defence electronics which are being transcribed and catalogued.

Click here to visit a presentation on the history of radar created by the Talking about Technology project, which contains extracts from interviews with those who worked at TRE during WWII.

With these accounts, it is our aim to record how the development of these technologies came about from the point of view of those directly involved in their conception.

The Wireless Set No.10

The                   Wireless Set No. 10 - click to enter

Click on the image to view the presentation

The Wireless Set No.10 was the first radio unit to offer multi-channel communication, and came into service after the D-Day landings of June 1944. By providing a mobile and secure form of contact between battlefield commanders and their operational headquarters the WS10 was an essential contributor to the successful advance of the Allies across Northern Europe . Click on the image to enter this area and learn more.

(This presentation has been created by James Cambrook in fulfilment of coursework requirements for Level I, BSc History, Philosophy and Social Studies of Science, University College London).

Oral History of Defence Electronics

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This Site if full of Great Stories about Early Electronics and WWII


Oral History of Defence Electronics - Construction of radio equipment in a Japanese PoW camp.
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