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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Uber keyboard hides security tools in plain sight - Hack a Day

Uber keyboard hides security tools in plain sight

posted May 18th 2011 3:15pm by Mike Nathan
filed under: security hacks

[EverestX] works in the Security industry and is often required to recover or penetrate various systems for a variety of reasons. He wanted to create an all-in-one tool that he could easily carry from job to job which would provide him with several essential functions. He required that the device house a bootable operating system through which he can perform his work, have an Internet connection capable of injection, and have enough storage capacity to back up passwords, images, etc.

He decided to build the system inside an old IBM M-type keyboard, which provides a solid typing experience and plenty of real estate for his various components. After converting the keyboard from PS/2 to USB, he installed a USB hub along with his flash drive and WiFi card.

Once he gets everything reassembled, it should prove to be a pretty stealthy and useful piece of equipment. A word to the wise – if you happen to see someone sneaking around your office with a 20-year old Type-M keyboard, be wary.

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Hello guys,

I’m new to the forum and thought I would introduce myself with my current Keyboard Project.

Here’s what the project consists of:
1 IBM M-type Keyboard
1 16gb flash drive
1 Dlink USB wifi card, modified with External Antenna (Injection Capable)
1 5 port USB Hub
1 7.7db Omni Antenna

Why: To make a long story short, I work in the Security industry, and commonly help recover (or penetrate) various systems. I wanted something that I could carry relatively easily that would allow me the following things a. a bootable operating system b. a internet connection that was capable of injection (just in case!) c. a device with enough storage space to backup passwords, pictures, etc.

How: Most of you will likely know, there were never USB IBM M-type Keyboards they were only released in PS/2, AT, and Terminal types. So to make this all work I have to convert the keyboard to USB. Once the Conversion takes place, I’ll need to completely rewire the internals, mount the external Antenna, and then some.

Here goes.


Interesting Indeed:) My favorite Keyboard is an HP Model 6511-SU. It's called a Multi-Media USB Keyboard. It's big and heavy and has every button that you could imagine and harldy ever use;) I do love the Volume Knob that actually turns and I use to use the CD-DVD Play, Stop, Pause and FF Buttons allot too. Back when I ran WinXP, over 6 years ago. It took a while for the drivers to come out for those features for Fedora and Debian Linux. But most all of the Buttons work now. I just got accoustomed to not using them. So, after seeing this Project... I'm thinking, that I have plenty of room for additions to my Keyboard too. And mine is already a USB Hub, it has 2 Ports built in. Their only USB 1.0, but they work fine for transferring Pics, Printing and stuff like that to my Computers. I can plug one of my Live Fedora or Fuduntu Linux USB Sticks into it and Boot to them. But it's best to use the USB 2.0 Ports on the Boxes, since I also run a KVM Switch. And when you change to another Computer, you loose your connection to the last one. I've messed up allot or Printing Jobs over the years that way!:O I would like to be able to upgrade to USB 2.0 though. Then maybe add a little Mother Board and Some Storage. Then it could be a Plug-n-Play, (Linux of Coarse)... Computer:) If I had an S-Video Out, then I could use it to watch Web Video on my TV. I run my old P4 PC with ArtistX to do that right now. But, it makes too much noise and heat... Great Idea, EverestX...!:)


Uber keyboard hides security tools in plain sight
Uber keyboard hides security tools in plain sight - Hack a Day
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