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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

MP3 player with old radio : one solution . - The AMC Forum - Page 1

MP3 player with old radio : one solution

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Here s the goal ..

Using a modern mp3 player on a vintage radio without paying 100 $ .
We can for 5 $ , in fact 2  $ if you get a free box for this , a soldering iron and a few wires . Notice the commercial
adaptor also need soldering , if they are not FM transmitters . What if you just have mono AM ? :P
If you have to fix something , you d better know how it works ...
So a few basics : It s really basic knowledge , easy to understand for people not familar with electronics , so be indulgents if I explain it quite easily ...

Any car radio , home amplifier or whatever basicelly works the same way . You need a source , to provide a low signal  from CD player , radio, 8 track tape or whatever .
Then , you need a power stage , to move the loudspeakers  . It s the amplifier .
Mostly all radios have  an ampli inside . Not always really powerfull , but there s an amplifier . Usually between 4 or 11 watt in an old stock radio .

Between the source and the amplifier , there s a way to choose how much output ( sound  ) you want from the radio . It s the volume button .

This is were we can play ....

A volume button works quite like a rheostat , the same we have to have more or less light in the dash .
The source comes from the top , and bellow is the ground . The middle cursor move between both and is connected to the amplifier .
The shape is just round :P
So if you turn left , you move the cursor to the ground , less sound , if you turn right , you go to full source and have more sound .
Just as easy ....

So  ... What now ?  Instead of sending to the amplifier the sound comng from the radio, we can send the sound from
anything .  
The ugly way would be to cut the wires coming from the source , and solder wires connected to a mp3 player .
For just 2 $ more , we ll give the beast 2 lifes .

Remember the FM receiver you had . Usually the sound comes from the loudspeakers , but when we plug ears , the speakers
stop and there s sound only in the ears .
It s just a mecanical connector . That s what we have to use .

Go to any electronics store parts , and ask for a stereo jack connector ( 1/8 I think ), with a mecanical switch , to  choose from head / speakers .
Cut wire on the volume button , inside the radio ,
Test it with your favorite Beckman , Fluke , ohmetre , solder it so that without anything plugged inside the sound comes from the radio , and when you plug a mp3 player , the sound comes from it . It s stupid and easy but it s enough .
In french , but quite easy to understand :


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I have wondered if there was an easy way to do this for years. I think I still have my old 1961 Buick AM Radio in the Garage... from my first Car:) A 1961 Buick Invicta, with a Big Block "445 Wild Cat" Motor. It would do 110 mph all the way to Town!;) Kind of wish I still had her;) But, I got hit crossing the Highway one day. And couldn't find a driver side door, even back in 1973 or 4! For some reason, I saved the Radio though. If I remember right, it sounded better than the on in the 1964 Chevelle, that I got to replace the Buick. Must be why I saved it... Anyway, in the 90's, I had a 1954 Chevy Blair. And I wanted to Add an Aux Audio Input to the Factory Radio (which actually didn't work). But even then, info like this was hard to find. I sold my Blair about 5 years ago and never got the Radio Working:( I'm glad to find this info now, though. Ya, just never know, when you might need to know;)...

Thanks Nali,


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