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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Miro - Free, open-source music and video player.

I have been using this Audio - Video Media Player Downloader for years now. It is Free and Open Source Software and works on Windows, Linux and Mac too. This New version has some new features and it now works with iTunes (I don't care about iTunes, but you might)... 


Go there...

Here's the notice I got from Miro Today, 05-24-11...

We are going to have an official launch announcement going out tomorrow,
but I wanted to let you know that Miro 4 has just gone live:

This is a huge moment!  Miro 4 is a total overhaul and now a true iTunes
alternative and it's easy to switch.

Please forward this message to your friends and ask them to try switching
to Miro, especially if you know anyone with an Android phone.

Miro now syncs with Android, shares music and video over your local
network, and you can buy music from Amazon right inside Miro.

So pass on the word, look for our full announcement tomorrow, and let me
know if you run into any bugs!  We hope Miro can make the open media
experience as smooth as the closed iTunes experience.

Take care,


Miro - An amazing open-source, non-profit Audio Video Downloader Player.
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Miro - free, open source internet tv and video player
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