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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Microsoft's Skype acquisition may impact Linux users | ITworld

Microsoft's Skype acquisition may impact Linux users

Countdown for Skype for Linux's end of life begins

By Brian Proffitt  4 comments

After a week of rumors about Skype being heavily courted by buyers such as Google and Facebook, it looks like the winning bidder may be Microsoft.

According to a story the Wall Street Journal broke late Monday evening (and later confirmed early Tuesday morning), Microsoft has closed a nearly $8 billion deal for the popular voice-over-IP company.

(In the video below, Keith Shaw talks with's Shane O'Neill about Microsoft's $8.5 billion offer to buy Skype, and what it means for Microsoft's consumer and enterprise voice offerings.)

This deal will represent a pretty big sea change for not only the VoIP sector, but also the broader Software as a Service (SaaS) industry. Microsoft has not gained a lot of ground in the cloud, with Bing still behind Google, and not much success reported for Office 360 in comparison to other cloud services like Google Docs, either. Getting a hold of Skype, though, would be a big brand-name acquisition for Microsoft and put it right into the middle of the cloud game.

Skype has been a hot little property in the cloud market for some time, since eBay, the former owners of Skype, sold a majority share to an investment consortium in late 2009. For most industry watchers, it was only a matter of time before the consortium polished Skype up and trotted it out on the open market again. Now it looks like Microsoft may be the winning suitor.

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