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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

SliTaz is a free operating system providing a fully featured desktop or server in less than 30 MB

I tried out SliTaz GNU/Linux in VirtualBox, from a Virtual Machine file that I downloaded (somewhere, sometime, I don't even remember where or when I got it now). But, SliTaz looks pretty interesting and seems to run on a small amount of Resources. It's pretty fast in my 1.9Ghz Core 2, with 2.5GB of Ram on the Real Machine and I only have 1 Processor, 512mb Ram, and 64mb of Video in my Virtual Machine. SliTaz ran pretty well and I think I will see how it runs on one of my old P3's. You can Download an ISO images from the site for CD-DVD and Floppies...


English Website

SliTaz is a free operating system providing a fully featured desktop or server in less than 30 MB.

In Live mode SliTaz can run completely in RAM and boot from removable media such as a cdrom or USB key. The system is secure, stable and easy to use. More information...

Help SliTaz founder Pankso work at least one month full time on SliTaz and pay for the train ticket as well as food to go to the Linux expo in Paris and manage the SliTaz booth. Paris is also an opportunity for the developers to meet one another - Donate Online


The SliTaz website offers the main news of the project as well as news on the general activity of the subprojects on the community site. Both are available as a XML feed. The project also publishes a small monthly Newsletter. This page and the website main page will give you a nice overview of the latest news, commits, and Tweets.

  • 29 March 2011 - New Cooking 20110329

    The SliTaz team is pleased to announce the release of a new cooking ISO featuring over 2900 packages. All packages have been rebuilt using our new cooking tool, now included in tazwok. It contains Linux Kernel 2.6.37 compiled against glibc 2.13, binutils 2.21 & gcc 4.5.2. The Core LiveCD includes Midori 0.3.3. Tazpkg is now entirely translated to French and we are open to additional translations. Tazwok has been entirely rewritten and it's now possible to recook SliTaz from Scratch using any ISO. This ISO is the first of a release candidate series which leads us to a stable 4.0 release.

    A lot of work has been done since our last cooking ISO released in november: more than 2200 changes have been commited to the wok, and several hundreds more to home-built tools. We are proud to announce that the SliTaz community has grown a lot these last months: the last year, many changes was commited than in the previous four. However, quantity doesn't mean quality. We need you to help to test this new ISO and report eventual bugs. If you want to, you are welcome to help fix known problems before 4.0 is released. You can join members of the crew via our IRC, mailing-list, forums or by mailing the packages maintainers. We hope you will enjoy this new release!

Go there...

SliTaz documentation

New Build Bot up and running

11:04 in Devel News by pankso

Hi all,

So we have now a new Build Bot up and running. Toolchain have been rebuild 4 times and actually 90% of our ~3000 packages are rebuilt. The build bot aka the Cooker is listing to all commit getting into the wok and automatically build them. I did a new domain to make the change between the past and now, the web interface let you check the cooker stat and check if latest commit have built successfully:

Web interface:

The new Build Bot is called The Cooker and is part of a new set of tools to build SliTaz packages. This set of tools is called the cookutils and provide simple to use and fast utilities to create SliTaz packages. I rewrote new tools since we was struggling for month to have a a simple tool to use on our main server aka Tank and also on contributors requests who wanted an easy to use and maintain tool to cook there packages. The preview tool, Tazwok have greatly evolved in the “SliTaz from scratch builder” and let you rebuild the full system from scratch.



SliTaz Cook & Cooker

The SliTaz Cookutils provide tools and utils to help build SliTaz packages. They are easy to use and learn, fast and light. You will be able to create SliTaz packages in a few commands. The cookutils provide the 'cook' utility and the Cooker.

Cook lets you compile and create a package, provide a log file and check the receipt/package quality. The Cooker is a build bot with more automation and can be used as a front-end to cook, since it provides a CGI/web interface which lets you view cook logs in a nice and colored way. Cook and the Cooker use the same DB files and wok, they share blocked and broken packages as well as any activity.

Cook usage

Cook provides a small built-in help usage that you can display with the command 'usage'. It also has some options to perform special tasks on a package before cooking it or afterwards. To get help and usage:

# cook usage 



SliTaz is a free operating system providing a fully featured desktop or server in less than 30 MB
SliTaz GNU/Linux (en)
SliTaz - Downloads
SliTaz - Downloads
start [SliTaz Doc]
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Cookutils Documentation
SliTaz - Packages
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