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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Passcode protected laser tripwire alarm system - Hack a Day

Passcode protected laser tripwire alarm system

posted Mar 11th 2011 3:20pm by Mike Nathan
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Sometimes security doesn’t need to be overly complex to be effective. Instructables user [1234itouch] recently built a simple laser tripwire alarm that can be mounted virtually anywhere, complete with a keypad for disarming the device.

He mounted a photo cell in a project box, along with an Arduino and a 12-button key pad. A laser pointer is aimed at the photo cell from across a gap, which results in a steady voltage being read by the Arduino. When the laser beam is broken, a drop in voltage is detected, and the alarm sounds until you enter the proper pre-configured passcode. Entering the passcode triggers a 15 second grace period during which the the alarm cannot be tripped again.

It might not be built with triple-thick steel doors and thermo-sensors, but it’s a simple device for simple needs. In its current form it could be pretty useful, and with a little reworking, there are a wide range of things it could be used for.

Continue reading to see a demo video of the tripwire alarm, and be sure to check out these other tripwire-based security systems.

Arduino laser detector with keypad

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Passcode protected laser tripwire alarm system
Passcode protected laser tripwire alarm system - Hack a Day
Arduino laser detector with keypad
Arduino security with frickin’ laser - Hack a Day
YouTube - arduino laser detector with keypad


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