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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Table Top Touch Screen, Bootstrapper recognizes users interacting with the table by observing their shoes using depth cameras.

Recognizing Tabletop Users by their Shoes

Bootstrapper recognizes users interacting with the table by observing their shoes using depth cameras.

Summary of CHI 2012 note

In order to enable personalized functionality, such as to log tabletop activity by user, tabletop systems need to recognize users. DiamondTouch does so reliably, but requires users to stay in assigned seats and cannot recognize users across sessions. We propose a different approach based on distinguishing users’ shoes. While users are interacting with the table, Bootstrapper observes their shoes using one or more depth cameras mounted to the edge of the table. It then identifies users by matching camera images with a database of known shoe images. When multiple users interact,
Bootstrapper associates touches with shoes based on hand orientation. The approach can be implemented using consumer depth cameras because (1) shoes offer large distinct features such as color, (2) shoes naturally align themselves with the ground, giving the system a well-defined perspective and thus reduced ambiguity. We report a simple study in which Bootstrapper recognized participants from a database of 18 users with 89% accuracy, based on a single observed frame. 


Richter, S., Holz, C., Baudisch, P. Bootstrapper: Recognizing Tabletop Users by their Shoes. In Proceedings of CHI 2012, 4 pages (Note). 


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Bootstrapper: Recognizing Tabletop Users by their Shoes

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Interesting... I wonder why they aren't using Facial Recognition? Facial Recognition has been working pretty well for quite a few years now. And with very inexpensive 320x240 Resolution Web Cams. I have tried out Facial Recognition Security Software that can recognize you, after a quick setup. Much like setting up a Game Controller. Then you can login to your Computer, by just gazing into the Camera. You can read more on that, here... Use Facial Recognition Software to automatically login to your Computer.  I have also tried out some Open Source Software on WinXP, that will let you use most anything as a Mouse. Your eyes, hand, objects, like markers or pretty much anything that you can wave in front of the Camera. There's more info on that here...

And then there's the Retinal Scanning Method...

The rise of eye-tracking computers

By John Herrman | Nov 10, 2010 | 2 Comments

Beeping, flashing retinal scanners are a constant, and dare I say tired, fixture in films. And why not? They serve as convenient shorthand for wealth and technological sophistication, and their utility is easy to convey.


The thing is... We cab all change our Shoes... But, we don't often Change our Faces... I can see a rash of Shoe Theft, in their Future!:O Oh, the Security Risks!!!;) I guess then, they could just go Bare Foot!;)


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