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Monday, March 15, 2010

Use Facial Recognition Software to automatically login to your Computer.

Use Facial Recognition Software to automatically login to your Computer. See the Video Below and try it out. I tried out the Free Version with my old 320x240 Resolution Web Cam on Windows XP and it worked pretty well. It was fun to try out, but I don't really have a need for this kind of Software, right now. Besides, I run Fedora 14 Linux, as my main Operating Systems and this Software Doesn't work on Linux. There may be an Open Source Linux Project of this sort out there too. But, I haven't really looked for one yet...


Updates: More info... (01-15-12)

You can still get a Free, but with less features, Version at 

Click on the Screen Shots for a Larger image and read the Details.

KeyLemon Releases


OS Compatibility
  • Wins XP SP2/SP3 (x86 or x64)
  • Win Vista (x86 or x64)
  • Win 7 (x86 or x64)
Latest KeyLemon version 2.6
KeyLemon Language
  • English
  • Brazilian portuguese
  • German
  • Spanish
  • French
File size 51.5 Mb
Hardware requirements
  • Pentium 500 MHz (Recommended: 1GHz or greater)
  • 512 MB RAM or greater
  • 100 MB hard drive space
  • USB webcam or integrated webcam (laptop)
Basic is Free. Try it!


OS Compatibility
  • MacOS X Snow Leopard (10.6.x)
  • MacOS X Lion (10.7.x)
Latest KeyLemon version 2.6
KeyLemon Language
  • English
  • Brazilian portuguese
  • German
  • Spanish
  • French
File size 35 Mb
Hardware requirements
  • Intel processor (core 2 duo (64-bit capable))
  • 1 GB RAM
  • 100 MB hard drive space
  • USB webcam or integrated webcam (laptop)
Try it

Go there...

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)


  • Where can I find documentation about KeyLemon software?
    You can find details about license, software use, releases notes and more in our wiki.
  • How do I check for KeyLemon updates ?
    Please take a look at the following illustrated article in our userguide that explains how to check for updates on Windows and on Mac.
  • Who is behind KeyLemon?
    The technology is KeyLemon's products was originally developed at the IDIAP institute, Martigny, Switzerland. IDIAP is a world renowned institute specializing in the management of multimedia information and man-machine interactions. The technology is the result of over 10 year's of research.KeyLemon is a private company that span-out from IDIAP and has already seen its products downloaded over 400,000 times.
  • How do I upgrade my license ?
    Please take a look at our illustrated topic in our userguide : How to upgrade my license.
  • Do I need a particular webcam?
    We have successfully tested LemonScreen with most of the recent (<2 years) webcams. If you encounter a compatibility problem with a webcam, please post a message in the forum (found here) with a detailed description of the webcam. We will try to fix the problem as soon as possible and let you know when its done.
  • Which operating system is needed to run KeyLemon ?
    KeyLemon is available for XP/Vista/7 on Windows platform and for Snow Leopard (10.6) on Mac.
  • What about privacy?
    No picture is stored on your harddrive nor transmitted on internet. Only one face model is made and this is locally stored on your computer, not accessible to KeyLemon. This model is based on some statistics of your facial features and is saved in a binary format which cannot be read by third parties.
  • Why does KeyLemon display an error when I am simultaneously using Skype, MSN or any other softwares accessing the webcam?
    A webcam can be accessed by only one process at a time. If you are already using the webcam with Skype for instance, KeyLemon will not be able to access the webcam. 
    Go there... 


Free Face Recognition

Video Link...

Free Face Recognition


This video shows how to use facial recognition software to lock/unlock your computer using your computers webcam and your face. While the current version of the software is 20 USD (found at, you can download a previous freeware version from here...

Go to TinkerNuts Site...

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