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Friday, January 13, 2012

Someone, likes my Blog so much!...

Someone, likes my Blog so much!... That they Copied it, Verbatim! ( The background color is different and I have since changed my Blog Template too. But, before I changed my Template and Background, the only difference was the Background Color. Here's the Original Post on my Blog, (with the new Template and Background, that is). I was doing some searches the other day. Looking for a certain Post that I knew was on my Blog. But couldn't remember the name or date. Usually, if I can remember some of the Title or some of the Main Lines in the Text. Then I can find it on Google. And to my Surprise!:O I did find it, and more! I must be doing something right! Right? So much so, that someone would go to all of the trouble to Download and then Re-post most of my Blog. And under their Name too!... "baca.basmalah". Baca, goes back to 2009 and I started my DonsDeals Blog in 2005. Ok, wait! This one in 2009, is Not Mine!:O Saturday, December 26, 2009 - Enrique Iglesias sparked a slew of breakup rumors when he told Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet that he and Anna Kournikova had been secretly married... From, ( Boy, Baca, sure likes Blonds! Who doesn't??? But, who is this nricki and what's up with all of the Wrestler Guy Pics!!!!???:O Anyways... When I found so many of my Blog Pages Copied. And there are at least two years worth Copied on Baca's Blog... I started to get all Pissed off and Self Righteous! Then I thought... Well, isn't that the Whole Point of Open Source? And I am Big into Open Source... Everything. I say, Share the Knowledge and help others to Learn and maybe even change the World! So, what the heck... I quote other people on most every Post that I do. And I'm not getting paid for doing this anyway. And he's not selling my work for a profit, is he (or she)? And the more all of this info and the good work of all of these Talented and Creative People do, gets out there in front of others. And the more traffic, we can driver to their Sites. The better off we all are. Some of us, in gaining knowledge and some may even make some money along the way... I just hope that some of that money comes my way, one day and one day soon!;)

Don has Identical Copies of my DonsDeals Blog Pages to 2011
saper blog
saper blog: Google's Blogger ( wont except svg images attached!:O
saper blog: This is a good, Complete History of Linux...
saper blog
saper blog: Adding a serial port through an RJ45 connector - Hack a Day

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