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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Running Linux on a Digital Picture Frame

Picture Frame Repurpose with Linux

DF3120 + Wiimote

Video Link...

Parrot DF3120 320x240 Bluetooth/SD/USB Picture Frame

This port was made by a combination of mostly 3 hackers to start with:
With excellent contributions from Simon Taylor in particular, and a few others, including Bifferos of the bifferboard project.

This 3.5" display frame seems to have the highest potential for hackability so far.  When compared to the hacked keychain models, this has a much faster CPU, larger screen, more RAM and is hardly any more expensive. As of Nov 2010, they are on Amazon for a ridiculous £10!  (@Biff) I have some theories as to why.

This frame is now "owned" almost entirely and can run Linux without needing JTAG or even a uart cable.  Here is a screenshot of the 320x240 display running the Linux framebuffer:

The Frame running the 'sdl newvox' demo with wiimote input:


Overall the unit works great now and boots Linux, there are no longer any "major" gotchas. Linux boots with busybox and has about ~3MB RAM remaining, largely enough for an application or two. Unit now has:

  • u-boot (from open-moko branch) working with:
    • serial console
    • NAND access
    • NAND boot
    • SD card
    • DFU & USB slave (upgrade NAND via USB)
  • kernel
Still missing:
  • u-boot:
    • A way to watch for a Button press at boot to stop auto-booting and stay in DFU mode.
    • U-boot status messages on the DF3120 screen, instead of just on the serial port.
  • kernel:
    • NAND access (MTD device not showing for now)
    • LCD has issues when booting from NAND
    • ADC for the light sensor
    • Bluetooth UART hooked up to some sort of stack
    • Issues with speed of USB device ethernet



I like this Project!:) I have been wondering if this was posable, ever since I got my Mom a Digital Picture frame for Christmas a couple of years ago. I wonder;)... Don't tell Mom!:)


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