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Friday, January 6, 2012


About Constellation

Constellation is a platform for research projects that use Internet-connected computers to do research in various aerospace related sciences and engineering. You can participate by downloading and running a free program on your computer.

Constellation is supported by

Server is powered with Dotsch_UX operating-system and apps will use Java and still to be announced programming and scripting languages.

Constellation Details

Constellation is a platform for all kind of aerospace related simulation. Currently we are working on ...
  • TrackJack: trajectory optimization of launchers, satellites and probes (subtask for DGLR-Group HyEnD - Hybrid Engine Development)
  • On The Moon: simulation of Moon's near-surface exosphere
  • Extreme Machine: analysis of dynamic systems of exploration-rovers

If you want to join our development team or if you have an simulation idea just contact us!

For further information visit About Constellation


How to be involved? Overwhelming 28c3 response
Hi everyone,

we received some emails after the 28c3, where you asked us how to be involved.

There are quite some ways.

You can participate in the distributed ground station network and help building it. There is a special email list

You can propose your own project and we would love to let it run on Constellation. So when you need massive computing power for your aerospace simulation or want to build your own sensor grid, just ask us via email ( or in our forums.

Or you can just be generous and passively donate your idle PC time to our project by joining it. This project uses BOINC. If you're already running BOINC, select "Attach to Project". If not, download BOINC.
When prompted, enter .

So there are some ways to do some good for the (science) community, you just have to pick one.
We're really eager to receive more comments.

And here are some FAQs

What an overwhelming response to our project presentation on 28c3. THANK you, but you have to thank yourself, because it's the community that makes this platform run!

Just send us an email, follow us on, like our site on

31 Dec 2011 13:01:30 UTC · Comment


Cool Project!:) I use to run BOINC for SETI@home at Home and a couple of Health Research Projects on Rosetta@home. It was easy to setup on a Windows XP System. This was long was long before I go into Linux OS's, which I have been running exclusively for 6 years now... Fedora and Debian are my favorites. I believe I tried out BOINC for Linux a few years ago, if I remember fight. But, I have been running my Web Sites on a Home Server for a couple of years now and can't spare the Band Width for BOINC right now. I think this would be an interesting Project to add to BOINC if you are running it though...


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