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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The rise of eye-tracking computers - SmartPlanet

The rise of eye-tracking computers

By John Herrman | Nov 10, 2010 | 2 Comments

Beeping, flashing retinal scanners are a constant, and dare I say tired, fixture in films. And why not? They serve as convenient shorthand for wealth and technological sophistication, and their utility is easy to convey.

Rare as they may be, scanners like this do exist. But researchers in Israel have developed software that can identify individuals based on eye movement, and don’t require hardware any more sophisticated than a laptop with a decent webcam. The company behind the tech, ID-U, describes how it works:

The technology is based on the uniqueness of a person’s eye-movement patterns. The person to be identified (user) watches a moving target (visual stimulus) on a monitor, while a small, low-resolution camera acquires the user’s eye-movement response; a processing unit, either inside the local device or remotely located at another physical site, uses both the stimuli and response to identify the user.

Assuming that ID-U’s method for establishing a unique signature for each user is reliable, this could prove to be a cost-effective alternative to other biometric scanners, and could even have low-cost applications in consumer products–say, a laptop with a webcam.


This article is pretty interesting. But, I've tried out some open source Face Recognition Software for you Web Cam and it worked pretty well. It's in another Post on my Blog. I think the Facial Recognition would be more accurate. But, I don't know a thing about eye movements either...


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