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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Image Zoom - Walkthrough

I like this Image Zoom Addon for Firefox...

Image Zoom

Image Zooming extension for Firefox and Thunderbird

Image Zoom Features

Image Zoom integrates into your browser in a such way that you may not
know about all the features that it provides. By completing this small
introduction to Image Zoom, you can see exactly what features image zoom
is adding to Firefox, Thunderbird or Mozilla.

Scroll Wheel Zooming

Now that you have image zoom installed, try zooming the firefox logo.
Follow the instructions below which assume you have the default mouse
options set.


1. You may need to disable "autoscrolling" to use the middle
mouse button with image zoom.

2. Using Mouse features can have unpredictable results when
using with other mouse enabled extensions.

3. Answers extension conflicts with mouse scrolling in Image
Zoom. Contact authors for a fix or disable answers extension to use
mouse zooming.

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