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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

This hack really pushes our buttons - Hack a Day

This hack really pushes our buttons

posted Dec 21st 2010 11:10am by Mike Szczys
filed under: clock hacks

Yep, if you’ve got a button that needs pushing, this is one way to do it. [Travis] combined an old alarm clock with a car door-lock actuator and minimal logic circuitry to make this happen. When the alarm time is reached, the adjustable actuator comes down to press whichever button has been placed under it. In the video after the break he’s using it to schedule the start time for his Roomba, make his coffee, heat his pizza, or pointlessly press the clock’s own snooze button (classic). We think this is just begging to be used with a Rube-goldberg setup, perhaps to topple to dominos that other robot took the time to set up. Oh wait… that shows up in the video too. Fantastic!

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This hack really pushes our buttons - Hack a Day
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Fun Gadget:) But, I couldn't stand listenging to that Alarm!:O Had to turn down the Volume in the Video. So, guess my best use for it would be... Turning off that Dang Alarm!!!;)


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