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Friday, December 17, 2010

Body Browser - Google Labs

This is all I can see with Firefox... until Firefox/4.0b1 which is in Beta Now.

Welcome to Body Browser.
To use Body Browser, you'll need a Web browser with WebGL support.
Click here to get the new Google Chrome beta,
or visit for more choices.

Go there... or Wait a while...

Getting a WebGL Implementation

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WebGL is currently under development, and is supported in the latest builds of several browsers. Here are instructions on how to obtain a copy of a browser supporting the provisional WebGL specification. As the specification nears completion, expect that browsers will have this functionality built in to their latest releases, and not require any manual steps to enable it.


WebGL is supported in Firefox/4.0b1 and in the nightly builds of Firefox. Visit for builds on Linux (32- and 64-bit), Mac OS X and Windows.

After downloading the browser, enable WebGL: type about:config into the address bar, search for "webgl", and double-click "webgl.enabled_for_all_sites" to set it to true.

The implementation requires working OpenGL 2.1 drivers and the availability of PBuffers.

If OpenGL is not available, or for testing/debugging purposes, software rendering can be used through OSMesa (off-screen Mesa), by setting the "webgl.osmesalib" variable to point to the OSMesa shared library (typically /usr/lib/ Note that the OSMesa library is required to use "gl" prefixes, not "mgl".



I'm not big into Beta Testing. I get enough quirks and crashes with the Apps I use from the Fedora and Fusion RPM's... So, I'll probably just wait... Oh, Ok... Guess I could open up Chrome and try it out;)

But Wait!:O I wasn't paying enough attention. It's not ready for Chrome Either! It says "Click here to get the new Google Chrome beta,
or visit for more choices." I was just syncing in on the info for Firefox... I realized when I opened up my Chrome Browser and found the same Message. And it looks like only WindBlows XP, Vista and 7 are Supported in the Chrome Beta. So, I think I'll just wait a while on this one.


Get Google Chrome (BETA)
For Windows XP, Vista, and 7
You are currently using Google Chrome. By downloading, you will switch to the BETA version.
Try the latest version of Google Chrome (BETA)
Preview the latest features
Try out the newest tools while they're a little rough around the edges.
Give early feedback
Let us know what you think and help make Google Chrome a better browser.
Continue to get BETA updates
When you switch to the BETA version of Google Chrome you will always get the latest speed and feature updates. Please note that you can only have one version of Google Chrome at a time.
Find out more about the latest release on the Google Chrome blog.

Go there...


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