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Friday, December 10, 2010

Segfault: balancing transport using a dozen op-amps - Hack a Day

Segfault: balancing transport using a dozen op-amps

posted Dec 10th 2010 11:03am by Mike Szczys
filed under: transportation hacks

The Segfault is a balancing transport similar to a Segway, but it uses analog comparators instead of digital circuitry. On board you’ll find no less than twelve LMC6484 op amps. They take signals from the gyroscope and the accelerometer, balance and filter them, then drive the motor h-bridges accordingly.

[Charles], the guy behind the Segfault, is also the one responsible for DeathBlades. As with that project he does just as well at documenting as he does at fabrication. Take some time to enjoy his posts associated with this two-wheeled-wonder (especially the build process) and then watch in the video after the break.

See Video...

SEGFAULT, the analog balancing scooter

[via Make]

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