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Monday, December 27, 2010

MIT Inspired Impromptu SegStick - Hack a Day

MIT Inspired Impromptu SegStick

posted Dec 27th 2010 3:00pm by Greg R. Jacobs
filed under: classic hacks

If many of the readers out there longed for a Segway for Christmas but Santa didn’t bring you one, you are in luck.  The aptly named Seg-Stick by [scolton] is a great way for cheap transportation.  It uses a broomstick, along with two DeWalt cordless drills to power this bad boy on 6” wheels. Like articles done before on Hack a Day this is an awesome although rudimentary example of the things that can be made with a short amount of time, some determination, and a few power tools. Great job [scolton].

MIT Inspired Impromptu SegStick
MIT Inspired Impromptu SegStick - Hack a Day
Sticking it all together.
YouTube - Seg...stick.

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Pretty cool, how simple this one is... looks hard to ballance, in the video though.


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