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Sunday, December 12, 2010

A Graphical (GUI) App for Managing LVM's System-config-lvm 1.1.15

Here's a Graphical (GUI) App for Managing LVM's. It's name is "system-config-lvm" 1.1.15 and it can be used to View Size Info on the LVM Partitoins on your Drive, Manage and Re-size LVM and LVM2 Partitions in Linux OS's. I am running Fedora 13 and I found this App in the Fedora Repositories. I included Screen Shots of the App Running, to show how easy it is to use. After installing system-config-lvm. I couldn't find it in the Applications Menu. So, I opened a Terminal Window and did "su" to get "root" privileges. And then Typed system-config-lvm and it started the GUI App right up. Later on I added it to my Applications menu by right-clicking on it and adding it's name and the run command for it (system-config-lvm). I needed to make my /root Partition Bigger in my Fedora 13 System. Because, it only had 1.1GB of Space left. And I was getting some Cache Full and Crash Errors in FireFox after Surfing around a while on the Internet. Which was a mystery to me, at the time. But, with that. And after a few weeks. I finally got a message saying my root Partition was full, one day. A light went on in my head, finally!:O I needed to make my root Partition Bigger. You see, when I installed Fedora 13 on this Box. I didn't like the default sizes that were presented. I thought, such a Big root Partition was a waste of Space. After all, why would root need about a third or more of the 100 GB Partition that I was using to install Fedora on? So, I gave it 15GB of Space to /root and the rest for /home. And the swap partition, I just left on the Default. This was fine for a while. Except for one thing. I'm an Addict to installing all those Great Free and Open Source Apps out there!;) So, now my root Partition is almost full, "1.1GB left"... First, I had to make my /home Partition smaller to make some space to make my /root Partition Bigger. When I tried to Re-size my /home Partition. System-config-lvm, asked if I wanted to un-mount /home. Because it can't be re-sized while mounted of coarse. So, I clicked yes. But it showed up as busy even with no other Apps running (that I know of) which would access /home. So, it must have something running in the Background that is accessing /home (or so I thought at the time). I wasn't thinking too straight, obviously. If I could have "Un-Mounted" my home Partition, while it was in use. The System would have either Crashed. Or at the very least. Any Apps that were in my /home Directory would have stop running. Which, most Apps or a big part of the App it's self, (in Fedora) does reside in your /home/user Directory. Why did I even think, that I could actually Un-Mount a Partition in my Running System? I don't know... But, Anyway... So, I Booted my Computer to a Fusion Linux 14 Live Fedora DVD. I'd been wanting to try it out again any way... Now, to do this. You also need e2fsck and resize2fs. Which you will need to do the actual resizing work on the Partitions. They belong to package e2fsprogs which I found out about in my research in the Links below. Installing e2fsprogs will take care of installing both e2fsck and resize2fs. I searched for e2fsprogs and it was already installed. Great!:) I think is comes with Fedora now... I installed system-config-lvm 1.1.15 and after it finished the little Pop-up window lets you start the App from there. In the Fusion Live DVD, root privileges are automatically given so no need to setup the root password to the same as your HD Install. Sometimes you have to do that before you can Edit the root Partition (I have noticed)... So, I finished changing my Partitions Sizes. And the whole process took only about 10 minutes, even with Booting to the Live DVD. I Rebooted and everything is just like I wanted it:) That was a whole lot easier than Mcuking around in the Command Line, Finding the exact names and copying and pasting all of the commands in and risking making some error that ruins everything!:) So, a Big Thank You! To the guys who wrote System-config-lvm!:)


Update 11-02-16...

I found this older Blog Post on the Fedora App, System-config-lvm. That can Re-size LVM File Systems, in Fedora 14 and Previous Versions. But, it is not in the Fedora 23 Repos. See the Command Line Output, below...

Fedora 23 Terminal Output...

[don@Lenovo-i5 ~]$ su
[root@Lenovo-i5 don]# system-config-lvm
bash: system-config-lvm: command not found
[root@Lenovo-i5 don]# yum install system-config-lvm
Redirecting to '/usr/bin/dnf install system-config-lvm' (see 'man yum2dnf')

Last metadata expiration check: 0:08:05 ago on Wed Nov  2 23:20:13 2016.
No package system-config-lvm available.
Error: Unable to find a match.
[root@Lenovo-i5 don]#

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DonsDeals: A Graphical (GUI) App for Managing LVM's System-config-lvm 1.1.15

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