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Monday, December 13, 2010

YouTube - Hummer H1 Off Road Driving COMPLETELY Underwater Experience!

I didn't know they could do that!:) I didn't see an extended Intake Tube. But, I don't see how it could make it without one! Maybe it was those long things that look like Antennas Sticking up. Exhaust under water... Ya, I've done that, allot. All you need to do is keep the Motor Running Fast Enough to keep from sucking Water back into the Exhaust Manifolds and Killing the Motor. Done that too!:O But, if you suck in water for as long as he was Under the Water... Your Motor would Die and Most Likely Not Restart! Great Truck!!!:)


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LimoHireUK | February 11, 2010 | likes, 10 dislikes

Amazing footage of a Modified Hummer H1, or Humvee, or a КАЛИСТРАТ!!? off road driving under water in a river, will he make it???? What an experience!!

The hummer's(?) exhaust is completely submerged and the rest of the Hummer goes under water.

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