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Thursday, December 9, 2010

ATX psu turned into an adjustable voltage bench supply - Hack a Day

ATX psu turned into an adjustable voltage bench supply

posted Dec 9th 2010 2:00pm by Mike Szczys
filed under: pcs hacks, tool hacks

Here’s a fancy way to convert an ATX powers supply into a bench supply. [TG] didn’t just cut off the motherboard connector and add banana plugs, but improved the functionality. Right off the bat you’ll notice that he’s added a control panel. There is an Ammeter and Ohmmeter to let you know what the unit is putting out. He added an MIC29152WT adjustable voltage regulator so that he’s not limited to the fixed voltages of the psu. As a final touch he added an external voltage probe which can be used with the flick of a switch. It’s no replacement for a proper bench supply, especially since it doesn’t have adjustable current limiting, but it’s a nice improvement upon previous psu hacks.

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