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Monday, December 13, 2010

AVG Bug kills 64 bit computers | PC Pitstop

AVG Bug kills 64 bit computers

December 03, 2010 by shogan in The Pit Blog

AVG has withdrawn their recent update after reports that it caused an infinite loop on Windows7 64 bit systems. Windows7 32 bit systems were not affected.
This is not the first time AVG has had this sort of problem and it probably won't be the last.
Here is the exact error message that is received:
"AVG - Installer Error" "A system restart is required in order to continue with the installation. Please restart your system and try again." Rebooting gets another error message, round and round.
The issue caused a backup on the AVG Official Forums where the following message was issued:


Do you use AVG anti-virus? Prepare for Frozen PCs

AVG Antivirus updates lead to frozen PCs
If you are using a 64-bit version of Microsoft’s Windows 7 operating system on your computer system and AVG antivirus program to protect your system from harmful viruses and bugs then you must read this blog post really very carefully.
Recently, AVG had released an anti-virus update for its newest antivirus program AVG 11, although it is always recommended to keep your antivirus program updated but it would be healthy for your system if you don’t this time.

On December 1, an anti-virus update was released on Official AVG website which seems to make all the PCs running on Microsoft’s Windows 7 operating system unusable.

The Problem with AVG antivirus for 64-bit Windows 7

AVG, anti-virus team acknowledged that the software’s compatibility on systems using 64-bit version of Microsoft’s Windows 7 operating system was not well and thus PCs are behaving in an alienated manner to the new software update. LOL
The company has withdrawn the update and has apologized for all the inconvenience caused by it.
The problem was caused by a virus database upgrade that compelled the system to shut down and reboot. While rebooting it creates an error log in the system files which unfortunately makes system crash.
Although, it is no big deal if you have a rescue CD that can be used to retrieve system files and AVG antivirus program files but still it can make system dead for some time.
Some Screenshots of AVG A/V @ Work
The software developers have called off the whole thing from their portal and are now working to create something that fuels the system rather than dividing it into pieces.
The step-by-step recovery details have been launched on AVG antivirus program’s official website. So if you are a Windows 7 64-bit user and have faced this problem, do check the solution on AVG website.
I think these things can happen; after all making software compatible for one operating system is easy but you never if it would run on all the versions of that operating system.
Are you using AVG antivirus, are you happy with its security and other features? What are your views about this bug? Please do share your feeling with a growing number of Wizard Journal Readers… at the moments we have 800 Readers/day so… your comments makes a difference.
I use to use AVG back in Win98 days and in my first days with WinXP Systems. I got a couple of Viruses while running AVG Free with "Real Time Protection". And it mess up Outlook in my Dell WinXP Home System. After I uninstalled AVG, Outlook, to this day keeps giving an error when you open it up saying... it can't find some AVG file. I tried for months to fix it. But never could get rid of that annoying message. Outlook still works fine though. It just gets that stupid error message every time you open up Outlook! The Program did warn you when you activate the Real Time E-mail Virus Protection that it couldn't be reversed. But it didn't tell you what it was doing or that this would happen. No other Virus Software that I have used has ever caused any problem like this after uninstalling it! So, I have hated AVG ever since!:( And I'm So Glad I Don't do Windows Any More!!!;)


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