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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

lsass.exe failed to initialize.... - MajorGeeks Support Forums

I Posted this, when I was trying to Save my Infected WinXP System. While, this info was helpful. I was not able to Save my WinXP after all. I ended up Reformatting my System and Reinstalling Windows XP. But, you may have better luck or find the info and links below interesting... 


Re: lsass.exe failed to initialize....

I just dealt extensively with this problem, and I couldn't find a solution that didn't involve re-installing XP, so I thought I would post my final solution.

I was working on a system that was recently infected with the Vundo.trojan. The owner of the system said that after she ran CA and removed the malware her computer would no longer boot. She received the following error prior to the login screen: lsass.exe failed to initialize properly.

I booted the system with BartPE and opened regedit.
I imported the hive "C:\windows\system32\config\software"
I located the following key: Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Windows
I renamed the string value "AppInit_DLLs" to "AppInit_DLLs.old"
I created a new string value called "AppInit_DLLs" with no entries.
I then unloaded the registry hive and rebooted.

This technique does not require BartPE, any offline registry editing tool should work. Also remember to backup the original C:\windows\system32\config directory before making changes.

If the issue was caused by malware, remember to boot into safe mode or the malicious entries may be added back into the registry when you login.

Refer to the following for additional information: (registry information) (registry recovery) (bartPE site) (example of offline registry editing) (AppInit_Dlls Information)

I hope this helps someone else someday.

Go there Read All or Page on down to near the bottom of the page to get to this point...

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