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Saturday, November 27, 2010

My 76 Chevy Blazer...

Here's some Pics of my Blazer... Don's 76 Chevy Blazer, Me Don and my 76 Blazer in the Snow 2009, Don's 76 Blazer's 350 Chevy Motor.

My 76 Chevy Blazer,

I was watching and Posting a bunch of 4x4 and Off Road Vehicle Videos on YouTube this evening. Being amazed at what some of them can do!:) And getting a big kick out of watching them go through all kinds of terrain and up some really big hills! So, I thought I would do a Post on my own 1976 Chevy Blazer. I've had her since 1991. I use to do allot of 4 Wheelin back then and I loved it!:) But, those darn parts are expensive when you break em! And the work is getting harder and harder too (fixing her back up after I break her) as every year goes buy. So, she's just my Grocery getter now a days. Besides, at about 10mpg, that's about as far as I can afford to drive her anyways. I don't think I'll ever be able to give her up though. I've been dreaming of how I could fix her up and convert her into a "Hybrid" Electric and just use my trusty 350 Chevy Motor for 4 Wheelin. But, then there's all the work and all the money too. Actually, I also have a 1983 Dodge Good Times Van that's pretty nice inside. But it needs some engine work and wiring too. And someone gave me 8 Interstate 1000 Amp Diesel Truck Batteries. So, if I build a Hybrid Electric. I'll do the Van first. It gets 17 mpg on gas now. So, I could just Pull the Blazer to go 4 Wheeling for a while. Sounds like a Plan... or a Dream to me;)


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